AquaMini-Pool Heat Pump

Main Features:

  • Mini size for above ground pool
  • Patent slab design
  • Easy plug and play
  • Super silent: 1M only 46dB(A)
  • R32 gas
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Easy to use control panel

Product Detail

Product Parameter

Core Strengths

Designed for Mini Pool

AquaMini is born for mini pools. Continuing patented unique slab-casing design, it is portable and user-friendly operation. A joyful pool experience can’t miss AquaMini.

Designed for Mini Pool - Aquark AquaMini-Pool Heat Pump

Simple Silence

Thanks to AquaMini patented silent-design, it provides you a comfortable heating environment, the sound level is only 46dB.

Simple Silence - Aquark AquaMini-Pool Heat Pump

Easy Installation & Operation

Easy plug & play and press & heat controller bring more comfortable & convenient experience to end user.

Easy Installation & Operation - Aquark AquaMini-Pool Heat Pump

Available in Various Colors

various colors - Aquark AquaMini-Pool Heat Pump

Main Features

40°C Heating - SPA & Pool
UV Resistant & Anti-Corrosion
(Galvanized steel case)
Eco-friendly R32 Gas
Portable: 19KG
Easy to transport
Save 80% energy bill
Press & Heat
Easy to control
Parameters of AquaMini – R32
Model AM03 AM05 AM07
Advised pool volume  (m³) 0~10 5~18 10~30
PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 27°C/ Water 27°C/ Humid. 80%
Heating capacity  (kW) 2.8 4.8 6.5
C.O.P. >4.5 >4.5 >4.5
PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 15°C/ Water 26°C/ Humid. 70%
Heating capacity  (kW) 1.8 3.3 4.2
C.O.P. >3.5 >3.5 >3.5
Operating Air Temperature() 10~43
Rated input power       ( kW ) 0.51 0.95 1.20
Rated input current    (A) 2.2 4.1 5.2
Power supply 230V/1Ph/50Hz
Plug & Play Yes
Heat  exchanger Titanium in PVC
Casing Galvanized Steel Casing
Gas R32
Advised water flux   (m³/h) 1~2 2~2.5 2.5~3.5
Sound pressure 1m dB(A) 46 48 48
Sound pressure 10m dB(A) 26 28 28
Water connection (mm) 32/ 38
*: Above data is subject to modification without notice.
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